Why I’m furious about the Harambe shit storm


RIP Harambe

I’ve only just plucked up the courage to watch the Harambe footage for a couple of reasons. One – anything involving a child that age and I inevitably compare to my own; I was anxious about seeing the boy upset or hurt, and two – I didn’t want to see the gorilla get hurt either.

Now I have watched it I’m furious. I appreciate that it is virtually impossible to keep your eye on a four year old every second of the day, but what the hell was she doing? It’s not like they were at soft play, where you might have a sneaky peek on social media while your child slides into a ball pit, they were at a zoo, and the boy managed to climb into a fucking GORILLA ENCLOUSURE unnoticed by the one person whose job it is to protect him to the ends of the earth.

Which brings me onto my next point, I’m furious that she didn’t jump in after him. I honestly don’t think I’d hesitate for a second, I’d have gone in after mine instinctively, without even stopping to consider the consequences.

I’m furious that she thinks God protected her child until the authorities took the action they did; having faith is not an excuse for sloppy parenting, or a back up if you fuck up. It wasn’t God that protected your child, love, it was the big zoo keeper with the gun.

I’m furious that Harambe was in that concrete cell, where humans decided he was to live, and was then shot in his forced home by those same humans who were meant to be keeping him alive.

I’m furious at all the idiots filming it on their mobile phones, shouting and screaming and aggravating the situation. Every single person watching it through their mobile phone screen, desperate to share it on social media, is responsible too.

I’m furious that there’s now a shed load of petitions doing the rounds, to get the mother prosecuted for neglect. What’s the point? Both her and her son have no doubt learned their lesson and nothing will come of it; there’s still a dead, endangered gorilla having his carcass burned to ashes in a pit somewhere.

I don’t know if Harambe was trying to protect the boy or harm him and I wouldn’t like to guess. He is, in my opinion, is the only innocent party here. The mother should have been watching her son, the son should have been listening to his mother. The zoo staff should have acted quicker and he shouldn’t have been able to get in in the first place. The ‘spectators’, watching it unfold should have been more concerned about the child than their Facebook likes and shut the fuck up while it was dealt with.

All contributed to this absolute fucking shit storm. RIP Harambe.